DC cabs regularly violate the rules and get away with it. For example, it’s illegal to:

  • Ask you where you are going before being let in
  • Refuse to take you anywhere within the District
  • For a dispatcher to even ask you where you are going before they send a cab
  • Refuse to turn off the radio

The good news is that DC has some of the best consumer protection laws. The law provides for $1500 per violation, plus the possibility of punitive damages.

If you believe a cab driver or dispatcher has violated your rights and want to do your part to help the DC Taxicab Commission do the job that they refuse to do, it’s as simple as writing down the taxicab company’s name and other available information (ideally, the taxi number, driver’s name and license plate). Then, contact us and we’ll see if we can go after them. There is no cost to you and, should we be successful, the court will reimburse me for attorney’s fees.

Have you recently had a negative experience with a DC cab driver or dispatcher? Contact us right away.