“They ripped me off!”

The District of Columbia has the strongest protections in the United States for wronged consumers. DC Code §28-3901, the Consumer Protection Procedures Act, provides for damages starting at $1500 per violation, regardless of how much you were ripped off for. It also provides for punitive damages, and requires a deceptive business to pay your legal costs. The DC law or federal laws prohibit any deceptive practice. A full list is too long to include here, but some examples of deception or illegal practices include:

  • False Advertising
  • “Bait-and-switch”
  • Claiming a product or service has properties that it does not have
  • Selling an unsafe product or service
  • Unfair credit practices
  • Targeting minority communities with expensive credit terms
  • Failing to tell consumers about certain rights they have
  • Harassment from bill collectors
  • And many others

If you feel like a company has ripped you off, or is trying to rip you off, contact us right away. Don’t worry if you can’t afford an attorney: initial consumer law consultations are free, and if we decide to work together, the law provides for the other side to pay your legal costs.